Alumni Thank You

George Szafranski, Kaukauna High School Class of 1994, was a recipient of the
Kaukauna Alumni Foundation’s scholarship. Kaukauna Alumni Foundation recently
received the following correspondence from George, and we commend him for his
achievements and success since graduating from Kaukauna High School and receiving
the KHS Alumni Foundation’s scholarship.
“I am a proud recipient of the 1994 KHS Alumni Association grant of $1,100.
They say timing is everything and back in 1994 that was certainly true. My father
passed away from cancer in 1992. I was 16 years old at the time. The prospect
of the future was scary with only a part-time job during the summer and a
deceased parent.
I received advice from my guidance counselor, Richard Retzlaff, to apply for
every grant I qualified for. I was lucky enough to win this KHS grant. I was also
given independent study by Electronics teacher, Robin Rolfs, my senior year.
These credits I earned transferred to Fox Valley Technical College which in turn
allowed me to cover my first semester of college.
The guidance I received from KHS staff and the kindness of the KHS Alumni
Grant directly shaped my future.
I went on to earn my degree in Electronic Science from Fox Valley Technical
College. I have been working for a Fortune 40 company the last 25 years. My
job has varied from computer repair, network installation and maintenance,
software development, anti-malware administration, server administration,
security administration, database administration, technical architecture, SIEM
management, to cyber security. I hold a leadership position and am presently
part of a world class CSOC (Cyber Security Operations Center). We monitor
threats around the world that impact the US and its assets and resources.
Please accept my deepest gratitude for taking a chance on me. I’m proud to be
able to reciprocate payment. I still proudly have the plaque that was given to me.
Sincerely, George Szafranski”
We at Kaukauna Alumni Foundation congratulate George for his outstanding